17 - 19 October 2018
    Summit on Sustainable Higher Education

  • What

    Future Forward is a pioneering event for higher education in the heart of Brussels. Embrace a mix of (inter)national sustainable projects and visionary insights. Bring your own idea, share it with colleagues and refine it. Future Forward is a network festival for inspired higher education professionals that aims to show change and make progress. Let’s welcome the future.

  • Program

    DAY 1


    discover the change

    widen your horizon

    open up your idea


    We will show you the current change to a sustainable higher education. In interactive sessions, you will learn about a number of current projects at the interface of sustainability with curriculum, research and leadership. You will get insight in the development of projects, how they were set up and why they are relevant for the future. At every turn, there is room for reflection. By the end of the day, we will offer you the opportunity to consider your own ideas using all these new insights.

    DAY 2


    walk visionary paths

    throw your idea on the table and refine it

    slow down


    We inspire you by offering visionary insights from among others a company manager, a philosopher, a trendwatcher or a student. What if they look at the future of higher education? What ideas would they design? And again room for reflection at every turn.

    Later, we resume our work on shaping the future during working sessions or one-to-one conversations, where you can further refine your idea. At the end, we will return to solid ground during a “slow down” session.

    DAY 3






    Dive into the city of Brussels and discover its many faces.

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    Future Forward is a summit for Sustainable Higher Education organized by Ecocampus and Copernicus Alliance.

    If you are interested, please leave your name and email.

    Ecocampus, Flemish Governement
    Brussels, Belgium