Driven educators

    Education innovator


    You believe in another education that is more futureproofed. You are convinced that we need to live and work more sustainably. You would like to communicate that message to your students and the people you work with. You want to anchor the things that have real value in training programs. You see education as your tool of choice for creating a better world.

    Future Forward is for you. Future Forward offers you an inspiring network. Continue building your dreams with likeminded people from very diverse fields of expertise and skill sets.


    FF Summit welcomes your future.

    Driven researchers



    You know that new types of knowledge are needed to fuel sustainability transformations. You want to work on systemic challenges. You need your own discipline and background, but you realize that this will never be enough to get a clear picture of either the whole problem nor of its possible solutions.


    Future Forward is for you. It gives you the opportunity to answer three questions: why, how, what? The former focuses on the understanding of social-ecological dynamics; the second on exploring the processes and conditions involved; and the latter is all about co-producing pathways and solutions towards sustainability transformations.


    FF Summit welcomes your future.


    Driven students



    You believe in building a better and more sustainable future. You believe that higher education has an important role to play. You are always looking for new insights that can sharpen your persuasiveness as a change maker. You would like to be a driving force in your own institution.

    Future Forward is there for you. Future Forward gives you new insights. You will learn how to shape the change from the bottom up, in collaboration with others. Finally, you will contribute to building new ideas.


    FF summit welcomes your future.